1. ADJUSTABLE PADS. Because the pads adjust along the frame, you get support exactly where you want it. Elbows are relieved of pressure.

2. DEEP PAD CONTOURS. Pads have deep contours to make you feel secure, and they align your upper body in proper position. 

3. SQUEEZABLE GRIPS. Squeezable grips support your hands, satisfy your grasp reflex and help stabilize your entire body.

4. ADJUSTABLE HINGE.  An adjustable hinge between the grips allows you to change your arm spacing instantly — even  in the middle of an exercise.

5. LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABLE DESIGN. The 12" hybrid aluminum and ABS-plastic frame weighs only 18.3 ounces, and the pads are a snap to remove, so you can take the plank trainer anywhere  — on its own or in a gym bag.

6. ERGONOMIC. By leaving space between your arm and the floor, the pads and grips work together to position your wrists in a relaxed, neutral position that is ergonomic and comfortable.

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