The ABMILL Plank Trainer has a simple yet brilliant design to maximize your core fitness.

A better way to plank is finally here!

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ABMILL Plank Trainer: Before & After


Without the ABMILL plank trainer, your wrists and arms press against the floor, straining joints.

  • Wrists and arms pressed against the floor, straining joints instead of your core
  • Poor or no hand engagement leaves fingers clenched
  • Elbows are susceptible to pain and compression


The ABMILL Plank trainer cradles your shoulders and arms in proper form, making it easier to plank.

  • Downward forces are absorbed by the grip, rather than your joints
  • Shoulders and arms are cradled in proper position, making it easier to sustain plank position and build core strength
  • Wrists are relaxed and neutral
  • Elbows are comfortable and free of pressure

Planking Done Right


The ABMILL Plank Trainer maximizes the effectiveness of isometric core exercises like planks

The ABMILL Plank Trainer is a core-building tool designed to maximize the effectiveness of isometric core exercises like planks. Planks work the inner abdominal muscles that hold in your core and stabilize your spine. But whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting a fitness routine, they only work if you are activating the targeted muscles.

Unlike other exercise equipment, or even the floor, the ABMILL Plank Trainer revolutionizes planks by reducing stress and discomfort outside of the target area and assuring proper form, so you can activate deep core muscles.

No other fitness product can give you these results. 


ABMILL Plank Trainer makes it easier to use isometrics with an ergonomically superior position.

When you are planking, you need to leverage your body-weight against the ground and align your body in proper form. That's how isometrics work — by generating tension in your core with little or no joint movement.

With the ABMILL Plank Trainer, accessing the power of isometrics is easier. When you use it instead of regular planks, you instantly put yourself in an ergonomically superior position

Its one-of-a-kind pads give your arms greater leeway and leverage to generate isometric force, while downward stresses are absorbed by the grips, not your joints.


ABMILL Plank Trainer is synergistically combines pads and grips in a patented adjustable platform.

The ABMILL Plank Trainer is a synergistic core strengthening tool combining pads and grips in a patented, adjustable platform. Because the pads are shorter than your arm, your elbows and wrists are off the ground and free of pressure. 

It's easy to adjust. An adjustable hinge between the grips allows you to change your arm spacing instantly to whatever is most comfortable for you — even in the middle of a core exercise. 

The center hinge keeps pads symmetrical and aligned, so their deep, outer contours — which hug your arms and keep your shoulders in proper position — are always positioned correctly.


 The ABMILL Plank Trainer is $49.95 plus postage and handling. If you're serious about seeing results, order today! 

Learn More About the ABMILL Plank Trainer


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Explore the innovative features that make the ABMILL Plank Trainer an extremely powerful tool to build core strength. Then use them to unlock the core-building power of planking.

What ABMILL Users Are Saying...

"The ABMILL is a great piece of equipment to add to your fitness routine and will make planking more effective and interesting."

 – Susan H., Chevy Chase, MD

"I’ve tried planks in the past but wasn’t satisfied with the results I was getting... I continue to use the ABMILL simply because it works. I highly recommend using it in your workout."

 – Sam R.,  Worcester, MA

"The ABMILL Plank Trainer is the best apparatus to stabilize the entire body while planking and relieves strain on my elbows and wrists." 

  – Glo M., Stuart, FL